ABO DATA was founded in 1979 with the aim of providing Research and Development services for software systems targeted to applications and solutions development. In over 30 years of solid business activity, the Company has gathered an irreplaceable asset, represented by the education and experience of human resources that are part of it , achieving an important leadership in Europe and ROW countries. With the establishment in 1995 of Macrovision Creative Software Ltd. in Dublin - Ireland, ABO DATA has been able to expand its horizons of knowledge and comparison with an international “observatory” of technology and market trends . Knowledge nowadays is the only true asset of any enterprise in order to compete and maintain a position in its own market.

To achieve such power the different business and engineering processes generate great volumes of data, that has to be consolidated , integrated and analyzed , allowing strength in the decision making process . Today, the Company’s mission is to exploit the potential provided by the integration of applicative knowledge with data, by harnessing today’s powerful and modern telematic systems, ABO DATA provides consulting and technology projects in the area of Internet of Things, Analytics and Machine Learning, supporting national and international customers in Utilities, Manufacturing, Transportation and Asset Management sectors. ABO DATA has been supporting its customers in the digital transformation path for over twenty-five years through consulting and implementation of IT solutions. In the last ten years ABO DATA has focused on Internet Of Things (IoT) solutions, and it is from the ABO DATA Lab that in 2014 the first version of the IoT platform PLAT.ONE was released.

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