This website provides access to daily weather data owned or distributed by AfricaRice. At the moment,the following data sets are available: (1) Historical weather data owned by AfricaRice. (2) Daily weather data, from public data sources, developed and quality controlled by the GYGA project.(www.yieldgap.org)
(3) Daily weather data quality from AfricaRice Hubs, these are locations in which AfricaRice is concentrating its research via national partners. Every hub is will be equipped with a weather station. Weather stations are owned by national partners. Data availability depends on when the station was installed and whether or not the national partner chooses to distribute their data through this website. (4) Data can be downloaded from tab Downloads. (5) Station details can be found from tab About the stations. (6) Different formats of weather data we have in Crop Modelling tab.

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