Agri-Ciência was created in 2000 by a research and teaching group from two Portuguese universities. The team members are specialised in several areas which are intertwined and allow the company to provide services in areas such as: agricultural planning, economy and management, IT, databases and GIS. The main business activities of the company are related to information systems applied to agriculture: databases, websites, information management systems, precision agriculture, and decision support systems. AGRI-Ciência provides services related to agricultural planning at regional and farm levels, and is currently working with wireless communications applied to agriculture in their new Precision Vitivulture service i-Farm. With i- Farm we have developed an information system that gathers data from a set of phyto-sensors, for technicians to make more informed decisions. AGRI-Ciência is coordinates the FP7 project Premivm (www.premivm.eu) “Low-cost, hand-held, and non-invasive optical sensor for multiparametric field analysis of grapes and leaves in vineyards”, under grant agreement N°262011.

Rua dos Lusiadas, n°52 1°, Lisboa, 1300-372, Portugal
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