AERDRI was established since 1977. The Agricultural Extension and Rural Development Research Institute conducts applied research in the fields of agricultural extension, rural community development, and rural home economics. The overall objective is to communicate the results of such studies to policy-makers and to assist them in providing better extension service that contributes to Egypt’s sustainable agricultural development. 

The main objectives of AERDRI include: Strengthening the linkages between agricultural research and extension to accelerate dissemination of technical recommendations among farmers and overcome the constraints facing their production; Following-up administrative, marketing and production constraints facing farmers and determining the reasons of non implementation to some new farm practices. This will enable the continuous application of decentralization approach; Developing marketing extension activities; Activating the extension activities regarding rural environment conservation through concentrating upon water management and minimizing chemical use; Evaluation of the extension educational effects of various agricultural national campaigns; Activating the extension activities in the new land regions; Determining mechanisms to activate the role of NGOs for implementing extension activities; Management of extension information through Virtual Extension and Research Communication Network (VERCON) and building the capacity of users on extension usage of its systems at extension centers, agricultural directorates, and research stations; Raising the efficiency and effectiveness of extension teaching methods; Selecting local leaders to activate Farmer-To-Farmer extension approach; Training of research staff in various research institutes and central labs to upgrade their competencies in the area of effective training; Offering training courses in collaboration with The Central Administration of Extension Services (CAAES) to create subject matter specialists (SMSs); Development of rural women and improving their communication efficiency through upgrading the competencies of female extension workers.

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