The Agroforestry Species Switchboard is a one-stop-shop to retrieve data about a particular plant species across a wide range of information sources. Its particular objective is to provide information that supports research on trees and tree-based development activities such as agroforestry planting and wider restoration initiatives. Version 1.3 of the Switchboard documents the presence of a total of 26,301 plant species (34,066 species including synonyms) across 23 web-based information sources. When available, hyperlinks to selected species in particular information sources are provided. In total, Version 1.3 of the switchboard provides 221,984 hyperlinks at species level. The Switchboard also provides links to check on the correct spelling of particular species, and on synonyms and current names (see more below). Within ICRAF, the Switchboard cross-links our various databases by establishing a centralised naming system. A list and brief description of the 23 associated information sources that can be accessed through the Switchboard is given below (in order of listing in the Switchboard).

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