Use AgroPortal to access and share ontologies. You can create ontology-based annotations for your own text , link your own project that uses ontologies to the description of those ontologies , find and create relations between terms in different ontologies, review and comment on ontologies and their components as you browse them. Sign in to AgroPortal to submit a new ontology or ontology-based project, provide comments on ontologies or add ontology mappings.

Many vocabularies and ontologies are produced to represent and annotate agronomic data. Therefore, there is a need of a common platform to identify, host and use them in agro-informatics application. The AgroPortal project aims to offer a reference ontology repository for agronomy, reusing the NCBO BioPortal technology. The scientific outcomes and the experience of the biomedical domain are thus exploited and transposed in the agronomy domain, including plants, food, environment and possibly animal sciences. We offer an ontology portal which features ontology hosting, search, versioning, visualization, comment, recommendation, enables semantic annotation, as well as storing and exploiting ontology alignments. All of these within a fully semantic web compliant infrastructure. The AgroPortal specifically pays attention to respect the requirements of the agronomic community in terms of ontology formats (e.g., SKOS, trait dictionaries) or supported features. AgroPortal project is based on five driving agronomic use cases which participate in the design and orientation of the platform. AgroPortal already offers a robust and stable reference repository highly valuable for the agronomic domain.

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