There are two main objectives with A Living Lab for Smart Pig farming (ALL-SMART-PIGS), where in total 4 farms will participate (2 in Hungary and 2 in Spain):
1. To demonstrate the technical and economic viability of precision livestock farming technologies in European pig farming.
2. To establish of Living Lab infrastructure for bringing innovative Precision Livestock Farming (PLF) technologies to European livestock farmers.

The main outcome of the project will be proven PLF applications ready for commercialisation among European pig farmers; provided by innovative SMEs which in ALL-SMART-PIGS have tested and validated their technological prototypes and services in real life conditions together with pig farmers and other food business operators.

The project initiators have identified health, growth rate and feed usage as key parameters to monitor at this stage (note that the latter two allow to determine the feed conversion rate). The SME technology partners in ALL-SMART-PIGS will employ PLF technologies to monitor the indicators related to these parameters:
A consortium of 3 high-tech SMEs, an established provider to the European farming community, regional R&D partners and an experienced SME and Living Lab facilitator have the potential to generate great synergy and meet the project’ goal of demonstrating the economic benefits and technical viability of PLF, develop a business model for future SMART Pig Applications and showcase that the Living Lab methodology can pave the way for innovative technologies to the market.

The lead user of the result will be the SME technology providers involved, the pig farmers (which all are SMEs) and other food business operators related to the pig farming value chain. In the long term the lead users are also European research & development institutions and enterprises dealing with the challenge to bring innovation to the market. The results of the project will be disseminated among authorities, stakeholders and industries.

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