Batı Akdeniz Agricultural Research Institute is a research institute within the scope of the organization of Agricultural Research and Policy under the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock. Geographical responsibility area is limited to Antalya, Isparta, Burdur and Denizli provinces, it is structured to serve the entire country about the working areas within the research subjects. Batı Akdeniz Agricultural Research Institute (BATEM) is based on the founding years of the Republic of Turkey. It has taken the current status with incorporation of a large number of agricultural organizations which has been operating under different names at different times from the 1930s to the present day.

The institute has 450 hectares of land and it is located in 6 different localities of Antalya. Administrative unit is in the city center, two technical units are in Calli, two technical units are within the boundaries of the town of Aksu, two technical units are within the boundaries of the town of Serik. Fruit growing, vegetable growing, ornamental plants, grains, industrial crops, edible grain legumes, medicinal and aromatic plants, grassland, meadows and fodder crops, plant protection, soil, water, biological diversity and genetic resources are the subjects of the duties.

Demircikara Mahallesi, Muratpaşa, Antalya, 07100, Turkey
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