Blagoveschensk State Pedagogical University (BSPU) is situated in Blagoveschensk the administrative of the Amur Oblast that occupies about 391,900 square kilometers in the south of Russian Far East. The city of Blagoveschensk was founded in 1856. Today it is one of the most important administrative, cultural, scientific and industrial centers of the Far East region with more than 220 000 inhabitants. Blagoveschensk is often called “The Gate to China” for its unique location on the border with China. Just across the river Amur there is a Chinese city Heihe. It is the only place where two foreign cities are so close to each other. Many Chinese companies work in the Amur region in timber industry, agriculture, construction business and tourism.

ul. Gorkogo, 231, Blagoveshchensk, Amurskaya oblast, 67500, Russia
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