The objective of this project is to demonstrate the breakthrough system - SaaS based B2B Greenhouse Artificial Intelligence
Control System – which is a high-tech product to solve real world problems!

CoolFarm represents the future of agriculture by bringing it into the cloud. CoolFarm is a disruptive solution based on
Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning, connected to the cloud and with an intuitive interface, adaptable to web,
mobile and tablet supports, supported on an unique concept of controlling, in a precise way, the environmental variables that
contribute to plants growth, which allows them to develop in the most healthy, efficient and effective way.

Designed to nurture plants by controlling several environmental variables that have a direct impact on plant growth, Coolfarm
provides them what they need, when they need it! This state-of-the–art Plug&Play solution, has established a new
benchmark for cultivation farms making control easier and more intuitive, optimised in terms of plant growth and resource
management, and as a result, more profitable, LOWER CAPEX and OPEX=HIGHER ROI (Return On Investment)!

CoolFarm technology can be directly applied to two distinct markets, (i) hydroponic greenhouses which encompasses
hydroponic and aquaponic urban greenhouses; and (ii) micro-algae reactors which are used to manufacture biofuels, and in
the food and cosmetics industries.

The solution proposed addresses European and global challenges, as it is very attractive for SMEs and large enterprises,
contributing to increasing European competitiveness, namely, (i) Increasing urban agriculture market across Europe; (ii)
Enhance the increase of the biofuel market that still lacks the means to be efficient; (iii) Increase the production in industrial
greenhouses; (iv) Precision agriculture; and (v) Global issue of food needs by 2050.

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