Platygastroidea is the third largest superfamily in Hymenoptera. It is represented by species in almost all parts of the world except the polar regions. Phylogenetic analysis conducted by Murphy et al 2007 and Sharkey et al (2007) resulted in the have merger of the families Scelionidae and Platygastridae into one family Platygastridae based on priority. This family Platygastridae has five subfamilies, viz. Teleasinae, Telenominae, Scelioninae, Sceliotrachelinae and Platygastrinae. The first three subfamilies are exclusively egg parasitoids, parasitizing the eggs of Lepidoptera, Heteroptera, Orthoptera, Embioptera, Coleoptea, Odonata, Mantodea and spiders. Platygastrinae are known to parasitize the eggs and early larval stages of gall midges while Sceliotrachlinae are parasitoids of eggs of Coleoptera such as weevils, chysomelids, longicorn beetles, etc in addition to larvae of white flies (Aleyrodidae), aphids, plant hoppers and mealybugs (Pseudococcidae).

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