The de.NBI Cloud Portal represents the central access point to the federated de.NBI Cloud platform. Cloud resources are allocated based on project applications.

Through a cloud federation concept, the de.NBI sites are integrated into a single cloud computing platform. The user will be guided to the anticipated service and the suitable cloud via the central de.NBI Cloud Portal. The whole system is accessible through single sign-on (SSO) and is based on the ELIXIR Authentication and Authorization Infrastructure (ELIXIR-AAI).

The de.NBI Cloud is a full academic cloud federation, providing compute and storage resources free of charge for academic users. In life sciences today, the handling, analysis and storage of enormous amounts of data pose a challenge to many researchers. Especially the recent improvements in sequencing technologies result in the generation of large scale genomic data, generating a high demand on powerful compute infrastructure for subsequent analyses. The de.NBI Cloud provides a powerful IT infrastructure in combination with flexible bioinformatics workflows and analysis tools to the life science community in Germany. The de.NBI Cloud offers reliable IT security concepts and user access rules to ensure secure data access and storage. It closes the gap of missing computational resources for life science researchers in Germany

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Tuesday, March 13, 2018 - 14:00