Ambient Intelligence (AmI) deals with a new world where computing devices are spread everywhere, included into objects, allowing the human being to interact in physical world environments in an intelligent and unobtrusive way. These environments should be aware of the needs of people, customizing requirements and forecasting behaviours. Ubiquitous Computing (UbiComp) means to have access to the information anywhere, in an integrated and coherent way, using computing devices. 

EKRUCAmI is a multidisciplinary initiative based on a balanced exchange of scientists with a balanced level of expertise among four research organizations. The project consortium includes the following 2 institutions from Europe and 2 institutions from South Korea:
- IPP – Polytechnic Institute of Porto, Portugal, Project Coordinator
- USal – University of Salamanca, Spain
- CUD – Catholic University of Daegu, Korea
- SCNU – Sunchon National University, Korea

The main objectives of EKRUCAmI are the following:
- Building a lasting R&D network that will be open to other participants outside the current consortium in the future
- Training new researchers in UbiComp and AmI areas
- Supporting the exchange of ideas and techniques, promoting applied research and new project pilots development, technology transfer and, if feasible, the launching of new spin-offs
- Enhancing the career development of a series of gender-balanced early stage researchers
- Facilitating capacity building activities for researchers from Europe and Korea
- Developing new techniques able to provide effective solutions to current problems in Smart Rooms, Healthcare and Agri-food

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