ELIXIR is an intergovernmental organisation that brings together life science resources from across Europe. These resources include databases, software tools, training materials, cloud storage and supercomputers.

The goal of ELIXIR is to coordinate these resources so that they form a single infrastructure. This infrastructure makes it easier for scientists to find and share data, exchange expertise, and agree on best practices. Ultimately, it will help them gain new insights into how living organisms work.

TeSS is an example of an ELIXIR resource. TeSS is online training portal that gathers life science training materials and training courses from across Europe, and allows you to search it in one website. This makes it easier for scientists to find the training they need, and gives the training courses wider publicity.

ELIXIR includes 21 members and over 180 research organisations. It was founded in 2014, and is currently implementing its first five-year scientific programme.

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