On 20 March 1985 the Environmental Control Act was adopted by the Austrian National Council and Umweltbundesamt, the Environment Agency Austria came into existence. In 1999 it received the legal status of a limited liability company. In our more than 30-year history we played an active role in environmental protection and monitoring in Austria and in Europe. Our expertsare continuing to develop strategies and solutions for decision-makers in politics, administration and the economy.

Interdisciplinary activities are part of our daily routine. Our experts specialise in the following scientific disciplines (extract): biology, chemistry, energy & environmental management, landscape planning, process technology, environmental engineering & water management, technical chemistry, geography, physics, law, molecular biology, nutritional sciences, ecology, german studies, technical physics, business administration, pharmacy, applied geoscience, microbiology, industrial environmental protection, commercial sciences, organizational development, biotechnology, project management, zoology, meteorology, automotive engineering, genetics, food technology, technical geology, agricultural economics, linguistics, political science, geology, information science, environmental system sciences, cartography, vetinary medicine, environmental technology, forestry, sociology, petrology, infrastructure management, communication sciences, alternative forms of energy

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