The European Infrastructure of Open Screening Platforms for Chemical Biology (EU-OPENSCREEN) is a distributed RI that aims to develop novel small chemical compounds which elicit specific biological responses on organisms, cells or cellular components. EU-OPENSCREEN enables scientists to use compound screening methods to validate novel therapeutic targets and also support basic mechanistic studies addressing fundamental questions in cellular physiology (across human, animal and plant systems) using the methods of chemical biology.

As a large-scale RI with an “open” pre-competitive character, EU-OPENSCREEN is a cost-effective solution to the need of the broad scientific community providing access to Europe’s leading screening platforms and chemistry groups, constructing a jointly used compound collection and operating an open-access database accessible on a global basis. The European Chemical Biology Database (ECBD, https://www.eu-openscreen-data.eu/) serves as a collaborative data-sharing environment among partner sites and their users.

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