The European Marine Biological Resource Centre (EMBRC) is a distributed RI aiming at providing a strategic delivery mechanism for excellent and largescale marine science in Europe. EMBRC offers services to users from academia, industry, technology and education in all sectors in the fields of marine biology and ecology, particularly supporting the development of blue biotechnologies. The services will be provided at the EMBRC nodes in EMBRC member countries. Users will be able to easily search EMBRC services and prices and make requests on the EMBRC access portal on the EMBRC website. The EMBRC investigation capacity and capability covers the whole range of marine biodiversity, using approaches ranging from molecular biology to ecology, chemistry, bioinformatics and mathematics, and to integrative biology. EMBRC key thematic areas include marine biodiversity and ecosystem function, developmental biology and evolution, marine products and resources − biotechnology, aquaculture, fisheries − and biomedical science.

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