The European SOLAR Research Infrastructure for Concentrated Solar Power (EU-SOLARIS) will provide the scientific community and industry with the Concentrating Solar Thermal and Solar Chemistry (CST) technologies devoted to the use of solar energy, mainly for electricity generation. The distributed Research Infrastructure aims to become the reference for CST and maintain Europe at the forefront of these technologies by providing the most complete, high quality scientific portfolio and facilitating the access of researchers to highly specialised facilities via a single access point.

EU-SOLARIS will link scientific communities and industry and speed up the development of research and innovation due to a closer collaboration model, knowledge exchange management and a wider dissemination of results. It increases the efficiency of the economic and human resources required to achieve excellence and provide efficient resources management to complement research and avoid redundancies.

Paraje Retamares, Tabernas, Almería, 04200, Spain
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Thursday, March 1, 2018 - 13:45