The MISSION of FEAD is to train entrepreneurs to act in the national and international market, with responsibility and competence, based on ethical values ​​and social commitment. And it has as institutional pillars: TO KNOW - CREATE - TO JOIN

In an environment of rapid change and high competitiveness, one of the most relevant challenges of Higher Education is to prepare the individual to become capable of being an entrepreneurial subject of his / her history, socially committed to the evolution and progress of the community. In this direction, the FEAD aims to stimulate cultural creation and the development of the scientific spirit and reflective thinking, forming entrepreneurial professionals in the areas of activity of the Institution, suitable for insertion in professional sectors and for participation in the development of Brazilian society, collaborating in Training.

The FEAD trainee is able to overcome goals and expectations in any scenario of his area of ​​activity, standing out for the entrepreneurial spirit he acquires here. That's the big difference: entrepreneurs do not just enter the job market, but mostly, they do the market. The FEAD is the college that forms leaders, entrepreneurs. People who make it happen.

Rua Cláudio Manoel 1162, Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, 30140-100, Brazil
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