Veterinary Faculty in Skopje is founded in academic year 1991/1992, as a department of Agriculture Faculty in Skopje, with Decision of Ministry for Education and Sport from 1.11.1991. According thi Decision, the Agriculture Faculty was compulsoryd to start with teaching on 6.11.1991 with study on first and second year, with students returned from the other veterinary faculties from the former Yugoslavia. 

On 30.01.1993, the Education-science Council of the Agriculture Faculty in Skopje adopted decision for separation of the veterinary department in particular Veterinary Faculty. After making contracts between Veterinary Faculty, Veterinary Institute, Main Veterinary Hospital and Agriculture Faculty for obtaining premises and equipment which would be used for doing study of veterinary medicine, the parent committee confirmed that the all necessary conditions for starting the work of Veterinary Faculty are acomplished. According this, the Ministry of Education and Sport adopted decision on 20.4.1994, which verified founding and working of the Veterinary Faculty in Republic of Macedonia.

On the request of the Veterinary Faculty, the Main Court – Skopje 1, on 26.04.2000 adopted decision for changing the name of the Veterinary Faculty in Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (FVM). The Goverment of Republic of Macedonia, within its rights and obligations, on sugestion of Ministry for Education and Science, adopted Decision for embedding of the Veterinary Institute to the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, on 20.10.2003.

Lazar Pop Trajkov 5, Skopje, 1000, Macedonia
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