The National Oil Palm Growers Federation (Fedepalma) exists to support the palm oil producers in the defense of their interests and the achievement of the competitiveness of an oil-producing agroindustry that transforms the quality of life of the communities that welcome it and promotes progress And well-being. It faithfully represents the interests of its members as it is its irreplaceable role, and is designed to meet their needs even beyond their expectations. 

Created in 1962, Fedepalma is made up of small, medium and large oil palm growers, who operate on a corporate, associative scale including strategic alliances, or individual, as well as palm oil extractors. As an organization that groups and represents the majority of the Colombian palmiculture, Fedepalma provides interesting opportunities for trade union interaction, up-to-date economic and commercial information, environmental and social management, promotion of value added projects, and promotion of technical assistance for its members, among others.

In addition to working for the competitiveness and sustainability of the Colombian palm oil sector, Fedepalma manages the Palmer Paraffiscal Funds (Palmer Development Fund and Price Stabilization Fund for Palm Palm, Palm Oil and Fractions), promotes economic and social development In the zones of influence and promotes the image of the sector. As a result of all this has been the outstanding position reached by the agroindustry in the productive and business concert of Colombia, accompanied by a special governmental interest in promoting and supporting its development.

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