The BVL is a service provider for consumers who rely on the safety of foodstuffs in Germany, and for businesses who wish to place high-quality products on the market under fair competition. Consumers and businesses will measure the success of the BVL on whether it manages to recognise critical food safety developments early enough so that effective countermeasures can be taken to avoid a crisis.

The challenging objective of the BVL is to replace reaction with prevention. As the body responsible for the rapid alert system, the coordination of nationwide food monitoring and the approval of plant protection products, veterinary drugs and genetically modified organisms, the BVL meets all the requirements for utilising, expanding and recreating synergies when employing preventative measures.

Just as important as the organisational requirements are the commitment and expertise of the people who work at the BVL. They are responsible for ensuring, on a daily basis, that decisions are made quickly, taking proper account of competing objectives.

If, in the future, the media have less reason to report on food crises or problems with plant protection products, veterinary drugs or genetically modified organisms, it will be fair to say that the BVL has done its job well.

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