Food Standards Scotland (FSS) is the public sector food body for Scotland. We are here to ensure that information and advice on food safety and standards, nutrition and labelling is independent, consistent, evidence-based and consumer-focused. Our primary concern is consumer protection – making sure that food is safe to eat, ensuring consumers know what they are eating and improving nutrition. With that in mind, our vision is to deliver a food and drink environment in Scotland that benefits, protects and is trusted by consumers.

FSS develops policies, provides policy advice to others, is a trusted source of advice for consumers and protects consumers through delivery of a robust regulatory and enforcement strategy. FSS was established by the Food (Scotland) Act 2015 as a non-ministerial office, part of the Scottish Administration, alongside, but separate from, the Scottish Government.  We are mainly funded by government but we also charge fees to recover costs for regulatory functions.

Website available at: http://www.foodstandards.gov.scot/

4th Floor, Pilgrim House, Old Ford Rd, Aberdeen, AB11 5RL, United Kingdom
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