FoodReg provides computerised systems that allow brand owners to gather the proof to back up their claims.

We started in the food business, and we have ten years of experience providing food traceability solutions across the world. That has taught us how to adapt and deal with the most challenging traceability tasks. We now also apply this experience beyond the food industry.

We provide traceability of products and processes. Whatever you want to know, FoodReg can trace it.

In 2014, FoodReg launched the KnownSources service, which is platform for traceability and sustainability reporting that is initially being offered to the palm oil industry.  KnownSources gathers information from multiple steps in the supply chain, in order to identify originating sources and provide information about the sustainability level of these sources, but it does not attempt to track individual product shipments and functions very differently from traceability systems typically installed within businesses.

For certain industries FoodReg has developed standard ‘solution packages’ - see the sidebar menu - although these are normally customised to a specific customer requirement. In other cases, we can create new systems from scratch - although we build these on top of our existing system platform, so the IT development work is usually fast.

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