FORCE-A is a start-up company created in 2004 located in Orsay, France. FORCE- A designs and commercializes innovative plant diagnostic tools and solutions for real-time crop monitoring and management, dedicated to precision viticulture. FORCE-A’s Multiplex and Dualex optical sensors can assess the physiological, health and maturity status of grapevine through its intrinsic fluorescence properties. Vehicle-mounted Multiplex delivers on-the-go high resolution maps of grapevine plots, in order to assess the spatial variability of plant status indicators, such as vigor, nitrogen deficiencies, disease susceptibility, presence of diseases and grape maturity. Continuing developments of FORCE-A’s expert systems contribute to user-friendly data management. The company is involved in several national grapevine-related programs (VINNEO, DEFISTIM) and in the CROPS European project.

Centre Universitaire Paris Sud, Bâtiment 503, Orsay, 91893, France
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