Open standards and interoperability are key issues in information management for Precision Farming. A collaboration of heterogeneous user groups, from different backgrounds with the need to access common spatial data sets, could benefit with an extensible and open structure with data that can be created and maintained throughout different systems and located in different physical locations (web, machinery, office, etc.). 

The past GeoWebAgri project have identified the components for an Spatial Data Infrastructure targeting to Precision Farming. The present project will continue the work initiated in the GeoWebAgri project by identifying and specifying an application schema for Precision Farming Operations Management in the Unified Modelling Language (UML). Based on the findings in GeoWebAgri, the selected exchange format will be the Geographic Markup Language (GML) specified by the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) (also a partner in the project consortium) and ISO 19136. A set of conversion rules will be identified and implemented in a tool that reads UML class diagrams and writes corresponding GML code. Test cases of selected field operations management tasks (related to other ICT-Agri projects) will be defined and subjected to test and demonstration validating the defined data model.

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