Founded in 1979 and approved by the State Council in 1981,the Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences(GSCAAS) is one of the earliest degree conferral institutions for master’s degree and doctor’s degree in China. There are 44 Ph.D degree-authorizing points, 56 master’s degree-authorizing points and 8 mobile post-doctoral research stations. GSCAAS has 11 academicians either from the Chinese Academy of Sciences or the Chinese Academy of Engineering Sciences. There are about 418 supervisors for Doctoral Programs and over 1144 instructors for Master’s Programs.

Backed up by 39 research institutes of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS) all over 17 provinces, municipalities or autonomous regions in China, GSCAAS runs the graduate school with the philosophy that agriculture revitalization must be realized through science and education that should be research-based and quality-oriented. Two phases of co-nurture of the graduate students is the distinct feature, that is, both graduate school and the institutes have to team up. In over 30 years of exploration and development, GSCAAS has established a multi-layer and multi-typed personnel development system that includes not only Ph.D candidates, and students working towards their master’s degree, but also foreign students and professional degree students. Thus far, the total registered student number exceeds 4300, 2700 of whom are full-time students. More than 5600 graduates are making great contributions to agricultural and economic development in China.

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