Guangxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences (GXAAS) was founded in 1935 under the Guangxi Provincial Government. Its activities are mainly focused on basic and applied researches in the areas of crop variety improvement and development of crop cultivation techniques. Performing for agricultural science and technology through the last seven decades, GXAAS has now become a top-notch agricultural research organization in Guangxi with 20 highly specialized research units (institutes) for rice, sugarcane, maize, horticulture, vegetable, cash crops, biotechnology, plant protection, crops germplasm, agro-science and technology information, agro-resources and environment, agro-microorganism, agro-product processing, energy crop, agro-economy, viticulture and plant tissue culture. Besides, the academy has a contemporary well equipped Guangxi Crop Genetic Improvement and Biotechnology Laboratory and Guangxi Demonstration Park for displaying its modern agricultural science and technology achievement.

In the intervening time, GXAAS acquired diverse high level research facilities and platforms such as Postdoctoral Programme Station, Nanning Branch of the National Rice Improvement Center, Guangxi Sugarcane Branch of the National Sugar Crop Improvement Center, Nanning Quality Inspection and Test Center for Sugarcane, China Ministry of Agriculture, Sugarcane Research Center of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Guangxi Crop Genetic Improvement and Biotechnology Key Lab, Guangxi Talent Program for Crop Science and Modern Germplasm Bank with low temperature and humidity controls.

174 Daxue E Rd, Xixiangtang Qu, Nanning Shi, Guangxi Zhuangzuzizhiqu, 530007, China
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