The Horticultural Research Institute, the AmericanHort Foundation, proudly supports scientific research and students for the advancement of the horticultural industry. HRI was established by industry leaders on the premise that no one could better direct needed research to advance horticulture than the very people who work in it, day in and day out. We stick to that same vision today: we fund and guide horticultural research efforts with the direct input from industry professionals just like you. Horticultural Research Institute is the horticulture community's research and development organization. Think of it as the strong foundation upon which to build your business.

The extraordinary generosity of donors, both past and present, makes it possible for HRI to develop and support research efforts to protect and advance your community. Investing in research produces new pest and disease management practices; increased mechanization/automation; production and management practices that improve efficiency and resource stewardship; improvements in production efficiency; enhanced understanding of how plants deliver economic, environmental, and human health benefits —all of which impact your horticulture community, your business, and your legacy.

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