The main goal of HRI is to enhance the productivity of horticultural crops in quantity and quality to meet local and export demands with special attention to horticulture crops that are best suited to Egyptian climate. Its main activities include the following: Selection of new improved horticultural varieties of higher yield and superior quality; Introducing new technologies of agricultural practices for horticultural crops improvement; Evaluation and testing of new varieties of vegetable crops and medicinal plants under Egyptian conditions; Germplasm preservation; Production of high yield and quality seeds of vegetable crops to meet the demand of seed companies; Introducing new varieties and germplasm of some horticultural crops; Periodic visits to different locations of horticultural crop farms to identify the constrains to production to overcome them; Conducting researches for studying different factors pre and after harvest factors that affect fruit quality to minimize losses and improve the quality; Expanding cultivation and production of high quality woody trees; Developing of different herbarium groups for the Egyptian flora; Survey and evaluation of the distribution and density of the Egyptian flora. Organisation of extension workshops and training programs for agriculturists, extensionists and growers. 

9 Cairo Uni., Oula, Giza, Giza, Egypt
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Wednesday, April 19, 2017 - 16:15