Agriculture constitutes the lifeline of villages where more than 70% of Indian population lives. To have successful agriculture, quality seed constitute the most important component. Realizing the importance of seed, the Indian Council of Agricultural Research launched the All India Coordinated Research Project on seed theNational Seed Project in 1979. Based on the overall progress and development of the National Seed Project and growing importance of seed in modern agriculture, the Indian Council of Agricultural Research has upgraded the Project Coordinator Unit of National Seed Project to the status of the Project Directorate in X Plan named as Directorate of Seed Research. Directorate of Seed Research started operating since 31 December 2004 from Kushmaur village in the district Maunath Bhanjan, UP. The institute is about 120 km towards North-East of the Holy City of Varanasi, UP, India.

Kushmaur, Kushmaur, Uttar Pradesh, 275101, India
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Thursday, April 27, 2017 - 16:00