Institute of Crop Sciences (ICS) is a non-profit state-owned institute regrouped by the former Institute of Crop Germplasm Resources, Institute of Crop Breeding & Cultivation and the Crop Mutation Breeding Laboratory of Institute for Application of Atomic Energy in 2003. There are 350 staffs, including 92 research professors, 95 research associates, 51 PhD advisors. Over 500 graduate candidates, 60 post-doctoral fellows and 30 visiting scholars are studying here. After 10 years’ development, ICS has established a comprehensive discipline system, a competitive research team, an advanced research platform and experimental station network in crop science, which made it innovative and influential globally. The current Director General is Dr. Wan Jianmin.

With the goal of resolving basic, critical, and prospective key problems for the development of crop science and technology, ICS focuses on germplasm resource investigation, gene discovery, breeding of new varieties, and crop cultivation. The major research directions are collection, conservation, evaluation, and utilization of crop germplasm resources, as well as driving new germplasm and material innovation. In addition, ICS devotes to investigate the genetics and breeding of japonica rice, wheat, corn, soybean and minor cereals; crop gene discovery and utilization; functional gene evaluation and utilization; molecular breeding; crop bioinformatics; crop cultivation and physiology; tillage and ecology; informatization of crop production; and cereal quality control and risk evaluation.

2 Yuan Ming Yuan Xi Lu, Haidian Qu, Beijing Shi, China
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