The Institute for Scientific and Technological Information (INSTI) of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) is the hub of integrated scientific and technical information (STI) in Ghana that provides the major public research and academic institutions as well as the industrial sector with resources and services designed to improve dissemination of, and access to indigenous and international STI. The Institute serves as the main STI resources clearinghouse for CSIR.

INSTI’s mandate is to develop naional capacity and capability for the efficient and effective delivery of real-time scientific and technological information (STI) and customized knowledge on demand for the benefit of policy makers, research scientists, industrialists, and others in appropriately packaged form for national development.

The Division prints most of the S&T literature that originate from the CSIR institutes as well as other organisations within the country in conformity with its mandate. The Science Publishing Division is mandated to publish Ghana Journal of Agricultural Science and Ghana Journal of Science as well as other S & T literature emanating from the national and international scientific community. The Institute's Thematic Mapping Division is involved in data collection on as many facets of the Ghanaian economy as possible for the establishment of spatial databases at different levels and a variety of maps that would be made available on demand to interested parties, stakeholders and clients.

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