The Peruvian Amazon Research Institute - IIAP is a scientific and technological research institution specializing in the sustainable use of biological diversity in the Amazon region. With more than 30 years of uninterrupted work for the benefit of Amazonian populations, the IIAP has established itself as an institution that promotes appropriate methodologies for the efficient and orderly use of natural resources and the Peruvian Amazonian territory. This body, which has been assigned to the Ministry of the Environment since May 2010, has a wide base of statistics and Amazonian information, digital publications, environmental education programs, among others.

The IIAP was born with a management policy of participative character, favoring the representativeness of the diverse actors and the interests of the settlers of the Amazonia through its Superior Council. It is responsible for the Institute's general research policy and is made up of representatives of 21 public and private institutions committed to research and development in the Amazon.

Av. Jose A. Km. 2.5, Quinones, Iquitos, Amazonas, 0784, Peru
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