INISAV, an organization of the National System of Agricultural Science and Technological Innovation, accredited in the National Registry, with category I since 2003, has more than 35 years of scientific work and specialized services in plant health, belongs to the Pole Scientist from the west of the capital since 1991 on the proposal of Commander in Chief Fidel Castro, which represents a special recognition for the institution, as well as a greater commitment to the development of Science in Cuba. It is the Rector Center, scientific - technical and methodological of the State Plant Protection Service of the country.

INISAV has laboratories of all the specialties of phytopathology, entomology, acarology, weeds, entomopathogenic bacteria and fungi, beneficial arthropods, residues and quality control of pesticides and analogous substances, rodent pests and means of pesticide application. It also has the Information and Documentation Center (CIDISAV), the most important in the country, INTRANET and INTERNET. Research projects are developed in response to demands for phytosanitary problems in the country's agricultural sector, as well as quarantine pests. The institute is linked, through projects, services and technical assistance to the network of 14 Provincial Plant Health Laboratories and 74 Plant Protection Stations.



Calle 110 #514 Playa, La Habana, Cuba
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