The Instituto de Investigaciones Porcinas (IIP), founded in 1972, is listed as rector of Science and Technology in the swine business in Cuba. Subordinated to the Swine Production Group (GRUPOR) of the Ministry of Agriculture (MINAGRI), develops experimental research projects, aimed at responding to specific aspects of pig farming, extending to countries with the same climatic conditions, protecting and preserving the ecological environment. Research has included the areas of genetics, reproduction and nutrition of pigs, as well as the design of facilities and the mechanization of the most laborious processes, deepening the organizational aspects of pig units and the treatment of residuals.The Institute of Porcine Research brings together a professional group of highly qualified specialists, among which are 12 Doctors in Sciences and 13 Masters in Sciences of different specialties.

The Institute of Pig Research has among its main functions to advise the technical activity of pig production in Cuba and to develop actions of international collaboration in matters of science and technological innovation, establishing the internal procedure for proposing business and associations with capital Foreign. It also defines systems integrated from the production of pork, associated with agricultural crops and other species. It studies and recommends the application of technologies related to the integral production of pigs, using the correct disposal and economic, productive and social use of the residuals, contributing also to the improvement of the environment.

It designs, promotes and develops food technologies based on national products and byproducts that allow to increase the production of pork in an efficient and competitive way. On the other hand, the Institute designs, promotes and develops research for the preservation and improvement of genetic resources and swine in Cuba, as well as research on the use of new techniques in reproduction and artificial insemination of pigs, aimed at improving The productivity of pigs. It also develops the Extension system for pig production throughout the country.

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