International Academy of Science and Higher Education (IASHE, London, UK) is a scientific and educational organization that combines sectoral public activities with the implementation of commercial programs designed to promote the development of science and education as well as to create and implement innovations in various spheres of public life.

In the sphere of public scientific and educational activities the Academy acts as a voluntary association, formed on the basis of common interests of its founders and members, as well as representatives of scientific and educational communities of the United Kingdom and other states. While carrying out its core activities the Academy also implements effective programs in other areas of social life, directly related to the dynamics of development of civilized international scientific and educational processes in Europe and in global community. Besides the beneficial effect on the development of social progress in the field of commercial activity the Academy focuses on realization of educational programs and innovative research and educational projects that can make profit.

1 King Avenue, London, W6 9HR, United Kingdom
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