Agricultural information resource centre (AIRC) as a Division in the Ministry of Agriculture Livestock & Fisheries (MOALF) is dedicated to serve a wide range of audience in the agriculture sector with specialized agricultural information through innovation and modern technologies. The centre works on the principle of providing quality agricultural information and skill training to farmers and stakeholders in order to enhance farmers ability to increase agricultural output hence food security to our country’s basket.

Information is an important resource which is required for effective mobilization and utilization of resources, policy formulation and implementation and other activities involved in agricultural development. Relevant information has to be made readily available to various users including policy makers, researchers, extension workers and farmers among others engaged in the agricultural sector. Agricultural Information Resource Center (AIRC) is one such information source with specialised information. Its mission is to provide quality agricultural information to the farming community and other stakeholders using integrated platforms.

Waiyaki Way, Nairobi, 66730 – 00800, Kenya
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