The mission of the Peruvian Ministry of the Environment is to promote the environmental sustainability of the country by conserving, protecting, recovering and ensuring environmental conditions, ecosystems and natural resources. The general functions of the Ministry of the Environment are to Formulate, plan, direct, coordinate, execute, supervise and evaluate the National Environmental Policy , applicable to all levels of government; Ensure compliance with environmental regulations, carrying out inspection, supervision, evaluation and control functions, as well as exercising sanctioning power in matters within its competence and directing the environmental control and control regime and the incentive regime provided by the General Law of the environment  (Law No. 28611); Coordinate the implementation of the National Environmental Policy with sectors, regional governments and local governments; Provide technical support to regional and local governments for the proper implementation of the functions transferred in the framework of decentralization.

Av Javier Prado Oeste 1440, Distrito de Lima, Lima, 15073, Peru
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