NBPGR deals with the management and promote sustainable use of plant genetic and genomic resources of agri-hotricultural crop and carry out related research. It also works on the coordination and capacity building in PGR management and policy issues governing access and benefit sharing of their use. Finally, it deals with molecular profile of varieties of agri-horticultural crop and GM detection technology research.

The objectives of NBPGR are (i) To plan, organize, conduct and coordinate exploration and collection of indigenous and exotic plant genetic resources; (ii) To undertake introduction, exchange and quarantine of plant genetic resources; (iii) To characterize, evaluate, document and conserve crop genetic resources and promote their use, in collaboration with other national organizations; (iv) To develop information network on plant genetic resources; and (v) To conduct research, undertake teaching and training, develop guidelines and create public awareness on plant genetic resources. 

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