Based on the highly appreciated instructions of His Majesty, Sultan of the Country, may Allah protect him, directed to all governmental institutions to make haste in boosting their performance & facilitating their services by using digital technology in the course of elevating and promoting the Sultanate up to the modern, renewed horizons of knowledge. Since the start of the third millennium, we have been living in a world of modern societies that are increasingly & greatly depending on the technology of information & communication, which are globally connected in forming wide horizons of mutual benefit. This, in its turn, increases our urgent need to improve our capabilities to accommodate, store & analyze an extensive, ample number of information in the course of reaching knowledge, which is the crown & summit of thought.

The establishment of this Informational Gate comes from the center's correct understanding to the importance of statistics in developmental planning & the Center's care and consideration to improve the statistical awareness & boost collective knowledge through the delivery of accurate information to all spectrums of society including governmental institutions, private sector organizations, & individuals. Through the Gate, the Center has provided many digital editions & smart phone applications available for all & characterized with a group of services represented in providing websites for the most prominent service establishments like schools, medical centers, & automated teller machines. The Center also provides indexes concerning to population and their structure at the various administrative levels in the Sultanate & has also displayed a reactive map showing institutions in both types, whether services sectors or trade sectors at the different levels of administration in the Sultanate and the possibility of pinpointing the required service or landmark, which are all available in the Informational Gate.

Since its establishment under the Royal Decree No. (31/2012), the National Center for Statistics and Information ( NCSI ) has adopted a group of basic values (accessibility, partnership, transparency, professionalism, & knowledge management) all these values have represented a ruling philosophical frame over the works of the Center being the tributary of information & statistics for the various social, economic & research fields, over the Center's reactivity with the community & over its strategic participation with other governmental & international organizations. Further, having contributed in supporting the efforts of blessed development, the Center is committed to the role of constructing the community of knowledge.

Al Azaiba South, Muscat, Oman
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