India possess diverse livestock resources including meat animals. Indian meat sector contributes significantly to sustain livestock production. India produces about 68 lakh tonnes of meat utilizing about 10 crore meat animals such as cattle, buffaloes, sheep, goat and pigs and 21 crores poultry. Meat group contributed 17 percent at Rs. 40399 crores to the value of output from livestock sector during 2007-08. Meat exports accounts for 77% of total animal products exports. However, India with 16% of worlds livestock population produces only 2.2 % of world meat production and average meat consumption as low as 5kg per annum.

Efficient utilization of livestock resources integrating production, processing and marketing in a chain perspective is important to fetch increased economic returns to the farmer, nutritional security to the population and sustainability. Much remains to be done in this country to produce and provide wholesome meat to the public. Meat from the animals at the end of their productive life is tough and can be converted into value added comminuted meat products. There is also considerable demand for meat products from the growing income elastic urban population, but remained constricted due to lack of adequate processing facilities. Lack of education, training and attention towards sanitary and phyto-sanitary measures risking the spread of diseases due to microorganisms and accumulation of chemical residues in the products affect quality and safety of meat and meat products intended for public consumption .Incidence of meat adulteration, under utilization/ improper disposal of slaughterhouse by-products further affects the image of meat sector. This calls for technological support and the crucial adoption of technologies through participatory approach of farmers, meat processors and scientists to usher in livestock revolution in the country.

The importance of developing Indian meat sector towards an efficient and organized activity to utilize livestock resources to provide meat and by-products of human utility to the growing population needs has been realized. With this challenging backdrop, Indian Council of Agricultural Research has visualized the need for establishing an exclusive research centre on meat. National Research Centre on Meat was initiated at IVRI campus, Izatnagar in the year 1986 and later shifted to Hyderabad in the year of 1999. It started functioning as its own campus from April 2007.

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