The Director, NRC on Yak exercises full authority for research strategy formulation and administration. Institute Management Committee (IMC), Research Advisory Committee (RAC), Staff Research Council (SRC) and other functional committees constituted by ICAR provide directives to the Director for running the institute's administration. For day-to-day administration and smooth running of the institute, a team of scientists, technical, administrative and supporting staff, assists the Director.

The Mandate details the following: Survey for genetic resources, management practices, production level and problems associated with production; To establish a small herd of pure yaks to carry out observations on performances under range and semi-range systems of management; To conduct research on improvement of yak and its products through selection and breeding with exotic frozen semen; To conduct research on nutrition, physiology, production and managemental aspects under semi-range and confinement; To conduct research on fodder and development of pasture at mid and high altitude for yaks; To provide complete health coverage through proper therapeutic and prophylactic measures based on clinical and laboratory findings on the prevalent diseases of yak.


West Kameng District, Dirang, Arunachal Pradesh, 790101, India
Scientific discipline(s)
Geographic coverage
Date approved
Thursday, April 27, 2017 - 16:00