The Norwegian Biodiversity Information Centre (NBIC) was established by a parliamentary resolution and became operational in 2005. The goal of NBIC is to serve as a national source of information on species and ecosystems in Norway, and to make up-to-date information on biodiversity widely available and easily accessible to the society. NBIC focuses on knowledge, both by increasing the level of knowledge, and making it available. Our role as a National source for biodiversity knowledge requires a comprehensive interaction with the scientific community, and close cooperation with policymakers, managers and other data users.

Information and data on biodiversity are found in natural history museums, research institutions, environmental agencies and NGO’s run by professional and amateur biologists. NBIC works with all these groups to collate and disseminate this material so that it can become available to everyone.

Hogskoleringen 9, Trondheim, 7034, Norway
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