Oryza Tag Line consists in a searchable database integrating phenotypic data resulting from the evaluation of the Gホnoplante rice insertion line library. To display the sequence information (Flanking Sequence Tags) resulting from the molecular characterization of the mutagen insertion sites in the collection, Oryza Tag Line is linked to OryGenesDB a GGB-derived interface.
Aside from generic data ( production record and seed stock ) Oryza Tag Line includes textual and pictorial information resulting from the following observations: (i.) GUS/GFP expression assays conducted on the primary transformants (T0) and/or T1 progenies (ii.) morpho-physiological alterations detected during the growth of the T1 progenies either in phytotron -up to the 5-6 leaf stage- or under agronomical conditions in the field (collaboration with CIAT, Cali, Colombia).

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