PPRI objectives include: Setting up the national strategies for integrated pest management in Egypt; Identification, classification and survey of various crop pests of economic importance; Identification of the critical threshold of major agricultural insects and pests; Developing various methods and techniques applied in beneficial insects’ breeding (honeybees & silkworm) as an important source of national income; Setting-up strategies for pest management research and applied programs for major economic crops under different environmental conditions; Evaluating the role of natural enemies in reducing the number of agricultural pests while using the bio-control methods in order to minimize the use of pesticides and to reduce environmental pollution; Support research in organic agriculture, aiming at minimizing chemical control of pests and increasing the dependence on environmentally safe methods, to produce clean crops for local and foreign markets; Increasing the role of honeybee and silkworms in silk-producing stations; Increasing cooperation with MOA Agricultural Quarantine Office in the field of pest identification, training of personnel and scientific publications with the final objective of safeguarding the national agricultural resources against exotic pests that might be brought into Egypt through imported agricultural and food commodities.

7 Nadi Al Saeed, Ad Doqi, Giza, Giza, Egypt
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Wednesday, April 19, 2017 - 16:15