New tools have to be developed to mitigate emissions of greenhouse gases and adapt to impacts of climate change with
respect to the interfaces of water, land use and biodiversity due to water saving techniques, technology development of
innovative mapping and plant growth monitoring systems. SenSOP-II aims are to provide this tool for advanced smart
farming operations and water and energy saving techniques.

SenSOP-II optimises irrigation, fertilizer- and pesticide application and soil treatment focused on grapes, hop plants, fruits
and vegetables and extensive wheat production areas affected by global temperature increase. SenSOP-II also monitors
vitality, growth and qualities of cultural plants/ crops and measures applied.
The SenSOP-II approach is based beside others on the experiences and expert knowledge of a national funded R&D project
for a trial agricultural company (2012-2014; patent application DE102013012793). Since 2014 SenSOP-II solution has been
demonstrated successfully in the field.

The engineering design of SenSOP-II is an innovative solution based on a Three-Layer approach with soil-plant-climate
based sensors, simulation software tools embedded in a web-based server structure. The user design of SenSOP-II is a lowcost,
easy-to-use and industry independent software tool that is accessible to end-users through internet client devices.
Key market is the wine producing sector in Europe. Wine regions outside Germany will be covered by our prospective
contracted strategic system partners. Further system openness to new applications, techniques and data sources ensures
continuous improvement of SenSOP-II approach within the system partner network to boost SenSOP-II innovation solution
and to create jobs and turnover for each participated SME on an European scale.

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