The Sugar Crops Research Institute began in 1913 as the sugar cane section in the Department of Agriculture. In 1971, it became the sugar crops division within the field crops research Institute, and then in 1983, the sugar crops research institute joined with the other research institutes in the agricultural Research center (ARC). 

Research work with sugar cane began at Mallawy and Mattana farms in Upper Egypt, with yield testing of some imported varieties of sugar cane. Later, research was gradually expanded to sugar cane, sugar beet and sweet sorghum breeding - especially after successfully inducing the flowering of sugar crops under local conditions- and then to improving cultural practices, plant protection and physiological and biochemical studies. The institute conducts research in various aspects of sugar crops and is actively involved in transferring knowledge to farmers and investors, for the benefit of all Egyptians. SCRI, in cooperation with national and international organizations, is striving to close the gap between sugar productions and consumption in Egypt. 

9 Cairo Uni., Oula, Giza, Giza, Egypt
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