PAThOGEN aims to improve professional’s knowledge and management of viral diseases in grapevines. This requires a versatile and dynamic training methodology adapted to the subject which will be developed involving e-learning sessions and field training.

The training content about grapevine viruses will be adapted to the specific requirements of participating countries (France, Italy and Spain) and the special characteristics of their viticulture systems. The content of the training will be available through an e-learning platform in English, French, Italian and Spanish. The e-learning platform will also integrate, among other features, assessment tools that allow us to track the progress of trainees and a gallery of images and pictures to illustrate the symptoms of different vineyard viruses.

The PAThOGEN project has special relevance to the ongoing evaluation during the different project actions, both in the implementation phase of the methodology and content of training courses. With this goal in mind an independent evaluation committee (Advisory Board) has been created, whose role will be to advise and validate various issues concerning the development of the tool and an external evaluation process which will evaluate the final version of the PAThOGEN training courses.
Finally, the intention is to capitalize and disseminate the training tool and specific content developed, and promote its use among potential end users interested in the formation of both the participating countries and other EU countries.

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