The Institutes involved in the project are “Viticulture and Fruit Tree Production” (VIT) and “Entomology and Plant pathology” (EPP). VIT activities are mostly focused on applied grape eco-physiology and vineyard management practices with special emphasis on yield/quality relationships, summer pruning techniques and approaches to meet new requirements imposed by climate change. EPP studies pathogens to understand their relationships with host plants and the environment as well as to forecast their behaviour to prevent damages. The main lines of research developed are: study of fungi associated with diseases and their ecological needs; study of mycotoxin producing fungi; evaluation of microbiological food quality; modelling disease appearance and development; integrated crop protection. UCSC has been granted with the following EU projects: “European Network for operational and Tactical DSS on Crop Protection”; QLK1-CT-2001-01761 “Risk assessment and integrated ochratoxin A management in grape and wine” WINE-OCHRA RISK; COST 864 “Pomefruithealth” (www.Cost864.eu); FP7 projects “New biocontrol agents for powdery mildew on grapevine” (BCA_grape) and “A web-based system for real-time monitoring and Decision Making for Integrated Vineyard Management” (MODEM_IVM).

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